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Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
11:26 am - I've Said My Part...

Gods above. It seems like yesterday that I had more than half the FORT members on my front porch, divided but not. That, I think, was the last time I've really seen all of us together. That month, October to be exact, was one of the worst months of my life. I feel like I helped the process of breaking up and going seperate ways more than anyone. I know that people will never forgive, nor will they forget what I did, and I can't say that I blame them.

I realize that people grow up and grow away, but does it really have to be to this point? The point where no one talks, and all some people communicate through are icy stares and blankly faint smiles? The point where, if someone sits down at a table, the communication stops, then haultingly starts up again? Sorry guys. I won't do that. I can't. People have shit going on. Some people more than others. Maybe I'm just out of the loop being gone for two weeks, but I know what went on while I was still there; And I didn't like it. Some people were being childish, and some were taking things too seriously (me being one of those people). I'm probably guilty of both, if we want to get technical. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the shit back in October. I'm sorry for being a bitch. And, over all, I'm sorry I ever really got involved with everyone's problems, because all I've seemed to do is cause more problems. Therefore, I'm stepping back and stepping away. No one deserves the drama that's been going on the last couple of months. And, personally, I can't do it. Sorry guys, too much of a risk right now.

There WERE good points to all of this. Like the fact that I finally realized what real friends were supposed to be. And that I've gained a ton of new friends because of the last year. But I'm graduating. I'm moving. Not out of Barberton, but just ON. I'm having a baby. I'm growing up faster than I'd thought I'd have to, but I'm doing it.
You all are moving on, moving up, growing up, and all the happy shit that teens are supposed to do. But I can't say that I'm going to be sorry to go. The day that I'm out of Barberton High School, I'm going to look back with nothing but a faint smile, a little wave, and I'm going to leave with some fond memories, and some not so fond. But I'm going to do it.

Maybe Spring Break will be good for us all... Maybe not. Who knows. I sure as hell don't. Wish I did, but I don't. I'll never look at a lot of my friends the same way again, and I'll probably loose touch with a ton of you, but if that's how it's supposed to be, then so be it. I was going to try and do something this Spring break with a bunch of people, but after talking to a couple of people, and reading a few things, I realize that that would probably be a mistake.

Just remember that I don't hate anyone. I don't love all of you, but I deffinantly don't hate anyone. <3s and Hugs to everyone.


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Sunday, January 1st, 2006
1:10 am

.::squee::.~ happy new year everybody! hope 2006 will be a happy one X3

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Saturday, September 17th, 2005
3:57 pm



Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
6:04 pm

Hey kids! Tis Keera-Chan!

Like what I've done with the place?

*looks around* *satisfied nod*

Anyways. This is OUR journal. WE decide who gets to read it and who doesn't. My advice to you though, when you write an entry, go to the little drop-down menue that says Security, when it pulls down, click on friends; Then only people we have listed as Friends on our LJs will be able to read this. AKA: Only FORT members will be able to read the journal entries, which is a good thing.

Anyone with RP ideas, party details, party ideas, or anything else... That can all go HERE, where we're all going to check it.


Anyways! Must go, loves!

See you all tomorrow!!!!!

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